Message from Founder

M.R Gift world is completely managed by only 2 persons and We face a lot of issues here. Maximum we try to give our best to all our customers. Our only aim here is just to gain experience in this gift selling field. We always try to do our best here. We know, we are not the best or top Brand in this field compared to others. But our aim is to workhard, provide good customer experience and achieve one day. We expect only one thing from you, please support us, that’s enough to motivate us!

We have lots of plan in future but due to low support, we are unable to succeed. We only expect your heartfelt support. On the other hand many customers hesitate to order from us, because they feel after making the payment, we won’t send their gifts as promised. Myself I promise you that we will definitely send your order within the mentioned delivery date, and also I will share my id proof as well. Please Trust us and then place your order.

Our complete process is totally dependent on others. For example even though we prepare your gift and dispatch it on time, sometimes it gets delayed due to the courier partners delivery delay. In those unavoidable situations the courier may delay due to their own delivery issues but the customers are getting frustrated on us. We do understand the frustration but please understand our situation also.

Also many customers are requesting cash on delivery. We know it’s not easy for the customers to trust us in a short span but please understand our situation also. Please think from our end, whenever we prepare a customized gift and dispatch it for cash on delivery some customers are not responding for the delivery partners call and the order gets returned back to us. For that return also we have to pay the return courier amount and as it is a customized gift, we are unable to resell it also. Please understand our situation and place your orders with trust. We will definitely give our best always!

With Regards,

Ramya & Maikchelraj